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Here you can see the remnants of a small Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloan) village located at what is now know as Grand Canyon National Park, in the forest a short distance from the South Rim. This is a great spot to stop and learn about this ancient culture.

The ruin is located along Hwy 64's Desert View Drive, near the east end. A sign marks the turnoff but it is easy to overlook. Most visitors drive the road and never realize the ruin is there.

Foundation stones from living quarters and a large kiva are visible at the ruin. Archaeologists say about 30 people lived here, for 25-30 years, in the late 1100s.

A museum at the site showcases relics from this ruin, others from nearby locations, plus information about other cultures native to this area.

If you are are Grand Canyon, this site is worth a visit.