There is a large pictograph near Fremont Indian State Park, in central Utah, which can be seen easily from the freeway if you look in the right direction. It's located across the freeway from the park, near the east entrance. It depicts an Indian blanket painted on a rock panel several hundred feet up the mountainside.

The rangers at the state park tell the following story about the pictograph, attributing the story to an area resident who heard it when she was a little girl:

Many years ago there was a group of Indians passing through what is now called Clear Creek Canyon, on the way to their winter camping area. While they were in the canyon the new baby of a young Indian woman died, and was buried near the site of the blanket pictograph.


During the winter the young mother could not get the thought of the baby, alone in the cold, out of her mind. The next spring she made preparations and returned to Clear Creek Canyon and painted a blanket on the rock to keep her lost by baby warm during the cold winters.

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